Funday 1 – 5th Sept 2020

The CDMC 2020 Funday (1) was an astoundingly good day. 

On behalf of the club and the organising team I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the marshals, drivers, service crews, medics, recovery crew, photographers, families and people who weren’t there that supported us too, with logistical/technical event support. You all made it a success.

I cannot understate how well it all came together yesterday. It was safe, the track came alive, everyone played their part with the participation and safety/distancing rules, we had incredible marshal support, we had a wide ranging field of cars and drivers, the facilities were good and the weather was perfect. 

The most rewarding thing for me was seeing the smiles.

To those that couldn’t make it, October is your month to come and join in. So get prepping/fixing those cars.

Planning has already started on Funday 2 which we are planning for October* (dates to be circulated this week). In the coming days we’ll start to preplan and organise a wash up meeting. Anyone who wishes to support CDMC is invited to this meeting and contribute, with input from Funday 1 and ideas for Funday 2!

Thank you all for making this work, and if anyone wants to ask questions or offer support please get in touch with me via my contact details below.

We look forward to seeing you all in October for Funday 2 Saturday the 3rd of October. Online Entry Here

The CDMC Committee

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