Funday 1 – 5th Sept 2020

The CDMC 2020 Funday (1) was an astoundingly good day.  On behalf of the club and the organising team I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the marshals, drivers, service crews, medics, recovery crew, photographers, families and people who weren’t there that supported us too, with logistical/technical event support. You all made it aContinue reading “Funday 1 – 5th Sept 2020”

Our Committee

Every year we democratically elect our committee Our 2020 Committee consists of: Wayne Coakley (Chairman) Steve Liddle (Vice Chairman) Antonia Tappin (Treasurer) Michelle Lowden (Club Secretary) Glen Richards (Chief Marshal) Kate Beckwith Setterfield (Press Officer) Simon Tappin (Competition Secretary) To engage with our committee contact either Wayne Coakley ( or Steve Liddle ( for moreContinue reading “Our Committee”